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You are on the Home page   MPD logo Merganza People Development (MPD) is dedicated to providing training in a
range of personal, professional and organisational development. Our clientele
includes organisations such as State Development Department, Queensland
Transport, Main Roads, Queensland Health, Macquarie Financial Services, DPI,
Toowoomba City Council, Ipswich City Council, SQIT, USQ and many more.

Through its ICS Training division, MPD offers training to adults in Advanced
Reading Skills (often called Speed Reading) Business Writing, and Negotiating.

ICS Learning Group facilitates training in schools across the Darling Downs in
Study Skills and Strategies for both junior and senior secondary levels as well
as courses in Essay Writing.

Merganza also offers courses in Proofreading, Communication, Time
Management, Team Building, Customer Relations and Adult Study Strategies.

Trying to quit smoking? "Become a Non-Smoker" has the perfect answer.
Become a non-smoker simply, easily, permanently without drugs, hypnosis or
devices and without withdrawal symptoms or weight gain.

MPD Press is the publisher of the "Merganza's Easy Guide" series of self-help
books: "Reading Textbooks", "Finding Your Child's Learning window",
"Proofreading", Memory"and "Smart Study Strategies".

You can also preview John A Knights' blockbuster novel, 'To Catch a Mirage' about
the enigmatic "Chameleon" and his enthralling chase after the elusive fugitive
Mr Christopher Skase.
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