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What really happened on the island of Majorca late in 1996?

When the enigmatic "Chameleon" was commissioned by the "Organisation" to kidnap and bring home the finanial fugitive, Christopher Skase, to face Australian justice, he didn’t dream that he and his team would be ferrying Skase to the timy Mediterranean state of Gibraltar on a Grumman Goose seaplane. Nor did he count on being chased by the British Coastguard and fired on by Spanish police helicopters off the Costa del Sol. Why did this daring escapade never see the light of day even though a TV network was involved? And will Mr Skase ever be seen again?

These are the secrets the Government, the TV network, the NSA and the Organisation don’t want made public. Nor does Mr Skase! John A Knights reveals all in "To Catah a Mirage".

You can preview the novel - just click here to read the first chapter for free.

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