The BANS Quit Smoking Program

Stopping smoking is hard Ė in fact itís psychologically impossible if youíre a smoker. Donít try to stop smoking Ė become a non-smoker and you will stop automatically. To understand why so many smokers find it hard to quit we need to understand what habits are and how they affect us.

Are you ready to quit for life? Whether you have tried before and failed or if this is your first attempt, this program holds the secret to your success.

Success means changing behaviour. Changing behaviour means changing the way you see yourself. And changing the way you see yourself is easy if you have the desire and the drive.

You don't need drugs or hypnosis or any special equipment - just the will to recondition yourself to a new habit. If you are using patches or gum or other aids, this program will enhance their effect. In fact, unless you do what this program does for you these aids can be ineffective and costly.

The key is never to try to stop smoking. Yes, you read it right - do not try to stop smoking. Smokers need to smoke. Only non-smokers don't smoke. And being a non-smoker is not a matter of not using cigarettes but a matter of attitude - what you believe about yourself.

If you want to quit smoking you need to become a non-smoker and this program of conditioning will do that for you - guaranteed. Once you become a non-smoker you will quit naturally, without withdrawal symptoms, without cravings, without putting on weight and with the greatest of ease.

And the effects are permanent. Most smokers who quit do so before they are ready - they become smokers who are not using cigarettes. The conflict this creates is impossible to bear. This is why 80% of smokers who quit slip up and quickly return to full-time smoking.*

The BANS program consists of a series of exercises based on proven psychological principles that will recondition you to a new attitude toward smoking. You will continue to smoke while on the program, using the affirmations that provide the positive conditioning, until you become in your own mind a non-smoker. You will not have mood swings, you will not get irritable, you will not crave cigarettes, you will not overeat and you will not put on weight.

If you are serious about quitting, give it a go - the cost is a little as a dozen packs of cigarettes. The savings you will make are thousands of times this amount for the rest of your life, which may be the most important thing that you save.

Check it out now. Click here for The BANS Program

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