Don't Try to Stop Smoking - Become a Non-Smoker

It's hard to quit smoking, right? You have seen why here.

But every cigarette is doing you harm. There is no safe level of smoking and there are no safe cigarettes. So quitting is vital. But you won't stop smoking until you become an non-Smoker.

That is where this powerful Program will help you - guaranteed.

Smoking is addictive for a number of reasons. Firstly, nicotine is a drug that will cause dependence in about one third of smokers, resulting in severe withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit. Secondly, and more importantly, smoking becomes a social ritual that forms a habit that is as difficult to break as drug addiction.

The BANS Program has resulted from many years of research in the field of psychology - the scientific study of mind and behaviour. Psychology seeks to understand behaviour and mental processes.

Psychologists tell us that all of our behaviour is made up of habits of thought that guide our actions. The way we act or react in any situation is governed by our habits or our attitudes. We are not born with any habits, we form them as we react to our environment which conditions us to a way of thinking and creates in us all a pattern of responses known as habits.

None of us was born a smoker: we had to learn the habit!

However, it is possible, we are told, to form any habit we choose simply be applying the right conditioning.

All of our habits of thought go together to make up our self image – a picture of ourselves that we hold in memory. It is as if we have a huge blackboard in our subconscious mind that has written on it everything that we believe about our self. Whether we can remember names or are good at arithmetic or like Holdens or are smokers is all written on the blackboard. Having this self image makes it easy for us to know how to interact with the world. We don't have to think about whether or not to buy a packet of cigarettes: if we are a smoker, we will buy it, if we are a non-smoker it is not an issue we need to debate. Each of us has a habit with respect to smoking: for some that habit is to smoke; for others the habit is to not smoke. It's that simple. Our self-image makes the decision automatic. The habit makes it easy.

Now here is the key. Quite simply, we cannot do anything that is not consistent with our self image – what we believe about ourselves. So if we believe we are a smoker it is impossible for us not to smoke.

                         In fact, only non-smokers don’t smoke!

So how do we change a habit? The one thing we can't use is will power. By definition, a habit will defeat any effort we bring to bear on it by force. Trying to stop smoking causes stress and conflict that only makes the problem worse. This is because when a smoker tries not to smoke their self image fights the change. It resists all change by force. It creates what I call:

'The Green Monkey Syndrome'

If I offer you a million dollars if you don't think about a green monkey in the next ten minutes my money is as safe as a house. Why? Because you cannot avoid thinking about what you are trying to avoid thinking about. It is psychologically impossible - just like dieting. Try to tell yourself you don't need a cream cake (if that's what you crave) and you will think about nothing else until you get one. Similarly, smokers need to smoke and their trying not to smoke creates the green monkey.

If we can't change habits by will power, how can it be done?

The answer is simple - all habits are formed by conditioning and that is how they must be changed. You can't just break a habit - you must replace it with the alternative attitude. Remember, it is an attitude of thought that supports the habit, so you need to change your attitude toward smoking by using the right conditioning. Yes, it is that simple!

A famous American psychologist, Dr Knight Dunlap, wrote,

"We can choose any habits we wish, by conscious selection of
                 (the right) conditioning."*

Why does the BANS Program work so well?

Our habits were not formed overnight, so we must take time to change them. By applying the right conditioning we can gradually recondition our self image to a new attitude of thought that will bring about a change of habit. In short, by conditioning we can become non-smokers - simply, easily and without stress. The natural way.

This program provides the conditioning you require to bring about the change you desire. It takes no effort except to use the exercises. Without worrying about stopping smoking (to keep the green monkey off your back) it will gradually, naturally condition you to a new habit - that of not smoking. You do not ever have to try to stop. In fact, trying to stop yourself from smoking will make quitting impossible. On this Program You will become a non-smoker automatically and you will no longer be able to smoke. And best of all, you will remain a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

Other methods of quitting

There are a large number of aids that smokers use in their quest to quit. Many of these can help make the journey to becoming a non-smoker easier. They include: All of these aids can be of great assistance to the would-be non-smoker who has faith in their efficacy. However, unless their use is accompanied by the change in behaviour produced by the BANS Program they will, in most cases, be less that fully effective. Remember, only non-smokers don't smoke.

Used in conjunction with the BANS Program any of these aids may be very effective. If you feel you need to use one of these aids, choose the one that will work best for you.

By the way, going cold turkey is a misconception. Psychiatrists tell us that their studies reveal that people who claimed to quit cold turkey had spent months preparing for the process. Perhaps they had received bad news regarding their health or had a scare, but almost all smokers who quit cold turkey remained 'smokers' and returned to full-time smoking.

Quit for Good

Giving up smoking is not enough - you need to become a 'non-smoker', because only 'non-smokers' don't smoke. Don't be fooled into thinking that because you've simply given up cigarettes you can't become a smoker again. Research shows that more than 80% of smokers who quit and slip up, thinking that one or two won't hurt, return to full time smoking.*

Is it hard to become a non-smoker? It is much easier than stopping smoking, because while you are a smoker you need to smoke. Changing the habit means changing your attitude which brings about a change in behaviour. Trying to stop smoking just invokes the Green Monkey Syndrome.

Merganza's BANS Program is the only program that makes you a non-smoker for the rest of your life. You don't need will power you just need a burning desire to be free of the weed! You don't try to strop smoking - that's psychologically impossible for a smoker. You simply need the right conditioning to turn you back into a non-smoker - let's face it - you were born that way! BANS provides that for you. All you need to do is listen to the recorded messages and follow the exercise plan. It is not hypnosis or relaxation but a psychology-based program of reconditioning.

A word of Caution

A half-hearted attempt to quit smoking could be fatal. 6 out of 10 smokers die from something related to their smoking. Every time you try unsuccessfully to quit your subconscious says, "See! I told you you were a smoker." This simply reinforces your smoking habit and makes it harder the next time you try to quit. So unless you are really determined to quit for life you're not ready to embark on this or any other quitting method.

If you are serious about quitting, join the many who have quit by becoming 'non-smokers'. Order your BANS Program now and start on your journey to a healthier life. The cost is around 10 packs plus GST and delivery costs.

Complete BANS Program: $199.00
+ delivery + GST where applicable

Our Guarantee

We are so certain that this program, when used as directed**, will change your life by changing you back into a non-smoker that we will return the purchase price to anyone who can demonstrate that they followed the directions fully and completely yet did not achieve the desired result of becoming a non-smoker within three months of starting the Program. This program cannot fail unless you fail to use it. See the Terms and Conditions here.

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*Dunlap, K. "Habits: their making and unmaking"
**Listen to the CD and perform the exercises as directed