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ICS Learning Group facilitates training in schools across the Darling Downs in
Study Skills and Strategies for both junior and senior secondary levels as well
as courses in Essay Writing and Advanced Reading Skills.

Advanced Reading Skills are sometimes referred to as 'Speed Reading' although it
is much more than simply reading fast. While it is true that the faster we read the easier
it is for our brains to create meaning from the symbols, fast reading is of little use
without understanding. For that reason, the SuperRead programmes of ICS ensure
that both speed and comprehension are increased together. Students today have
moyuntains of reading tro wade through and the average student reads at around
150 to 200 words per minute. We are so confident of achieving great results with our
SuperRead course that we guarantee an overall improvement of at least double or
the course is free.

The course is not a remedial programme but is designed to make poor readers good
and good readers better.

Study Skills courses at three levels take students from the transition from primary to
secondary, introduce them to the skills needed to handle the tasks of jumior high school
and then provide them with the skills and strategies to manage their learning in
their senior years.

Essay Writing provide a step-by-step approach to help you understand the specific
requirements of essay writing, from reading and interpreting the question through
to the final draft.

To find out more about these courses and to check on local course bookings go to
the ICS website where you can also pick up some free study tips.

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